Outdoor Pest Protection is just a mist away!

Outdoor pests can cause a variety of dangerous illnesses and problems for dogs, making protection a vital part of a dog’s care. Buzz Guard is an all-natural mist created with safe and healthy essentials oils and neem seed oil to repel fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, flies, and no-see-ums while helping protect dogs for up to five hours. Buzz Guard is a proven, natural and effective alternative to chemical spot-on treatments.Buzz Guard has been favorably field-tested as an all-natural alternative to commercial pesticide-based treatments by a variety of dog lovers and professionals.

One test subject lives on property that borders a nature preserve and her dogs are there all the time, presenting an ideal setting for testing Buzz Guard.“She and her dogs really liked the formula and found it did quite well with repelling mosquitoes and fleas, and she did not find a trace of them near her dogs. Although she did find some large ticks on her dogs multiple times during the testing period, she also found that they did not attach to their skin, as they had when unprotected by Buzz Guard.”

Made in the USA and packaged in a BPA free container, Buzz Guard can be used with puppies as young as eight weeks old by spraying onto hands and massaging the dog’s outer ears, back of head, abdomen, and legs. It can also be used in less infested areas by spraying on a bandana placed around a dog’s neck before venturing outdoors. Buzz Guard has a light fresh scent and leaves no oily residue on clothing or fur.

Buzz Guard has been nominated for a Retailers’ Top Pick Award by Pet Product News International.

Why not try it out and let us know what you think!

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