Spring Is Here.

Spring is finally here. The aroma of flowers in bloom, The sounds of dogs having a blast at the dog park are just a few of the things we love about this time of year. We've been busy here at Bitch New York adding all sorts of fabulous new items to our site. Carriers, Beds, Tank Tops, Blankets, Collars and many more.

What are some of our favorites? We're just a little obsessed with how cute the "Chic" line of products are. Soft and plush, The Chic Basket Dog Carrier can hold a small dog weighing up to 7.5lbs and gives them a safe spot to hang out in as they travel with us running errands.

Do you have a dog that loves their privacy when they sleep?  Your dog will love the enclosed space of the "Chic Tent Dog Bed" Fun Polka Dots on the outside and a super-soft cushion on the inside to laze about in. It's perfect if you're outside on the patio enjoying one of these gorgeous Spring days or even if you're just hanging out indoors.

Now we can't forget about how fabulous your pooch will look when they're out and about wearing these adorable Chic Pinka Dog Harnesses.  All harnesses come with a matching leash that's sold separately. All are decorated with the same fun Polka dots that are on the carriers and beds.

And being that 3/23/17 was National Puppy Day we just have to include this adorable photo. We just want to hug these gorgeous pups. 



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