Why Table Scraps Are Bad For Dogs

Winter is usually the time for great holiday parties and huge home-style dinners. But as much as you’d like to include Fido in the fun, keep in mind that feeding him even just a few tasty treats from your table is definitely not the way. More often than not, table food is typically too fatty for a dog’s digestive system and can result in severe stomach upsets. To help you keep your pooch safe and sound this holiday season, learn the following by heart: 

Why Avoid Feeding Table Scraps

Oily and fatty foods, which are often found on our tables, can lead to severe dog health problems such as diarrhea, vomiting, and pancreatitis. Even worse, there are several people foods that are highly toxic to animals. Onions or any food prepared with them, for instance, can be unsafe for dogs and should never be given to him. Besides, some pooches that are constantly fed with table scraps have the tendency to become dependent on them. Dogs that eat leftovers may start refusing to eat regular dog food. Aside from that, feeding your pet with leftovers can also cause him to develop undesirable behaviors such as begging. If you intend to reward Fido for good behavior, just give him various treats that are specially made for them.

The Three Basic Principles

If you just can’t stop feeding your pet table scraps, always remind yourself of these rules:

· No junk food. Never feed Fido junk foods such as fries, potato chips, leftover pizza, or candies. Only provide your dog with healthy food items like steamed or baked potatoes, plain rice, oatmeal, bits of cooked chicken or turkey, finely chopped or steamed unseasoned vegetables and certain fresh fruits.

· Moderation is the key. If you like giving Fido healthy people food, don’t forget to factor his meals into his daily calorie requirement, then, feed your pooch less of his own dog food so he doesn’t gain weight. Balance his diet since your dog would still need his regular food. Just try giving him a less of it on times when you are feeding him with healthy leftovers.

· Watch out for toxic foodstuffs. Avoid foods that have been found to be poisonous to animals. These include raisins, grapes, onions, chocolates, cooked bones, fruit pits, and walnuts. 

· Cooking something for your dog by following a recipe designed particularly for pets is another great way to add healthy human foods into Fido’s diet. Some of the table scraps that pose no harm to dogs include rice, cooked eggs, carrots, cheese, peanut butter, berries, chicken, green beans, seedless watermelon, and bananas.

by Brandy Arnold

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