"X" Marks the Spot! Unique Designer Dog Collars!

A brand new designer hit the scene at Bitch New York and if Superman has Krypton, your dog can have MyLynxx! MyLynxx has introduced a new line of luxury designer dog collars made of stainless steel that are all named after Greek Gods such as Adonis, Apollo, Hercules, Zeus, Pegasus, Poseidon, and Athena.

We were lucky enough to receive one such  designer dog collar and who better to test it out but our resident superhero, Beckham?! The Apollo collar arrived in a silver pouch, safely wrapped so it would not get damaged. Once unwrapped, it became immediately apparent that it was unlike any other collar we had ever seen (from another planet, even?). The closure is actually the focal point of the collar beneath a signature "X" in a disc that sits at the front of the dog's neck. There is a hole designated for the leash between the links directly opposite the disc. Cleverly hidden, you push on one side of the "X" which reveals the opening for you to insert the other end of the collar and when you release it, the collar is safely locked in place. Genius!

The collar lays perfectly around the dog's neck and appears to be very comfortable to wear. Beckham is wearing a 13" collar. It does have some weight to it. He is 20 lbs. so I think he can handle it. I hope as the sizes get smaller, they get significantly lighter. The Apollo is a brushed metal which I feel is great for hiding inadvertent scratches but for most styles have a shiny metal counterpart! The collars are made in one-inch increments which allow for a lot of flexibility in ordering the correct size. The price is extremely reasonable for a designer dog collar and in my opinion well worth the money! They even include a unique tag holder which is just a bonus!

The company is going to launch a matching leash and matching human accessories. I think this is a great gift idea for the man who has everything! Check out our fun selection of Pet Jewelry!

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