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Bitch New York has searched far and wide to provide pet owners with the finest collection of designer dog collars available. Our designer dog collars include leather collars, ribbon collars, studded or spiked collars, crystal collars, and even personalized dog collars. You are sure to find a luxury dog collar that is ideal for every occasion.

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Martingale Shearling Lined Dog Collar
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SKU: 17595

AVAILABILITY: In stock (999 items)

Bridle leather is a wonderful leather used in the equestrian trade. Here it is used for Shearling Lined Martingale Collars for its strength, durability, and beauty. These dog collars are popular with owners of Greyhounds, Whippets, Afghans, Dobermans, and similar...

Liz Big Dog Collar Light Colorado Topaz
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AVAILABILITY: In stock (999 items)

A beautiful handmade dog collar that is very soft and comfortable but still very robust and is made with high-quality black or brown leather and either gold or silver finishes. The collar is decorated with Light Colorado Topaz Fancy Stones...

Tapered Crystal Navette Dog Collar
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AVAILABILITY: In stock (999 items)

Light and bright crystal navettes are offset by rich and vibrant leather colors in this diagonal crystal navette dog collar. The natural earth tones of spring and summer are embodied in these collars and are perfect for sighthounds and other...

Tapered Gold Star Dog Collar
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AVAILABILITY: In stock (999 items)

Twinkling gold stars set with tiny crystals make this dog collar shine! A tapered collar is designed for sighthounds and those with longer necks. The matching dog leash has gold stars near the leash hook and is available in 3/4"...

Tapered Oval Agate Dog Collar
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AVAILABILITY: In stock (999 items)

This classic dog collar featuring artisan-made agates is simply stunning on all sizes of sighthounds and other long-necked dogs. The matching dog leash has a single row of agates near the leash hook and is available in 3/4" wide x...

Tapered Plain Leather Dog Collar
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AVAILABILITY: In stock (999 items)

This plain leather dog collar is a classic hound collar that suits all breeds of sighthound and other dogs with long necks. The matching dog leash is plain leather and is available in 5/8" or 3/4" widths x 44" long....

Tapered Random Crystal Dog Collar
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SKU: D17-T

AVAILABILITY: In stock (999 items)

Tapered dog collars were traditionally designed for hunting dogs. These classic leather collars are given a contemporary twist with radiant crystals. The matching dog leash has 4 rows of crystals near the leash hook and is available in either 5/8"...

Tapered Single Row Large Crystal Dog Collar
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SKU: D44-T

AVAILABILITY: In stock (999 items)

A single row of large crystals gives a contemporary twist to this classic tapered dog collar. Perfectly understated, this collar is suitable for all sighthounds and dogs with long necks including breeds like Standard Poodles and Weimaraners. The matching dog...

Tapered Small Star Dog Collar
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AVAILABILITY: In stock (999 items)

The classic tapered small star dog collar is designed in a narrower width for small breeds. Ideal for Italian Greyhounds, Whippets, Jack Russells, and similar-sized dogs. A durable collar that is perfect for both town and country wear. The matching...

Tapered Snaffle Bit Dog Collar
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AVAILABILITY: In stock (999 items)

For turning out a well-dressed hound this classic dog collar is a perfect choice. Suitable for all sighthounds and those dogs with long necks. The matching dog leash is available in 3/4" wide x 44" long. *Silver snaffle bits are...

Tapered Spiral Crystal Dog Collar
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AVAILABILITY: In stock (999 items)

This outstanding Spiral Crystal dog collar will captivate you and make your hound extra special while accentuating their natural good looks with classic glamour. The tapered style is ideal for sighthounds. The matching plain dog leash is available in either...

Tapered Tiger Crystal Dog Collar
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AVAILABILITY: In stock (999 items)

An exceptional, bold dog collar featuring alternating rows of large and small crystals. Guaranteed to turn heads. A tapered dog collar for sighthounds and those with longer necks. The matching dog leash has crystals near the leash hook and is...


Fancy and Unique Designer Dog Collars for Every Occasion

There is no accessory more important and essential to a dog’s way of life than a collar. Dog collars are both functional and fashionable, necessary for a morning walk, and symbolic of your pup’s unique and playful nature. 

It is for this reason that Bitch New York offers you and your dog the finest collection of designer dog collars available today.

If you’re tired of the boring pet store selection, it’s time to level up. Have an animal with an attitude? Make a statement with a studded or spiked dog collar or shower your pooch princess in crystals, pearls, and shiny hardware.

What should you look for when Buying a Dog Collar?

Size Matters

Most designer dog collars come with sizing guides to help you ensure the right fit. But not everyone knows how to measure their dog for the proper size. In order to avoid pinching or slipping, getting the right size dog collar is very important.

A good rule of thumb is that a dog collar should be snug enough to comfortably fit just two fingers between the neck and collar.

Many dog collars are adjustable for quick and easy re-fitting. However, if you’re looking for puppy collars to fit your pup through its incredibly fast growth, you’ll want to make sure you get more than just one collar!

When dealing with an adorable growing pup, you’ll also want to make sure you’re sizing their neck regularly to avoid their first collar getting too snug. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to make sure you’re investing in a comfortable and beautiful collar that will fit them perfectly but will also last a couple of months of growth down the road.

Comfort is Key

Some dog collars are meant to be felt and not seen. Choose a natural hemp dog collar for something ultra-light, yet strong. The material is also naturally hypo-allergenic and antimicrobial.

If your dog has a tendency to tug, industrial-strength nylon webbing will keep them close without sacrificing comfort. Water-resistant and quick-dry materials also prevent chafing and other skin irritations. The cherry on top, however, is that these heavy-duty dog collars are available in countless beautiful bright colors.

That said, if your dog struggles with a collar, you might need to take some tension away from the neck. Browse our large selection of dog harnesses to find the perfect fit for your pup.

Consider Your Dog’s Activity Level

Is your pup filled with boundless energy and a thirst for adventure? Then you’ll want to consider a tough and fast-drying dog collar material like canvas or woven fabric. These are perfect for keeping your pup dry and comfortable through trips to the lake or the beach. 

Are you dealing with a small lap dog who loves staying at home? Then a more lightweight and designer material like nylon will do the trick just fine.

Finally, if all else fails, a classic leather collar will always work thanks to its versatility and strength.

What Makes a Good Dog Collar?

With so many different collar styles, collar materials, and state-of-the-art dog accessories being released each year, it might be difficult to cut through the noise and find the perfect collar for your furry companion. In order to pin down what exactly makes for a great collar, you have to understand its core purpose: Keeping your pup safe.

Good collars not only feature comfortable, versatile, and strong materials able to pass the test of time with flying colors. They also feature a secure spot for attaching an ID tag or a customized dog collar charm, so that your pup can easily be found if they ever get lost.

What are Dog Collars made of?


Leather is definitely one of the most popular materials used in dog collars, known for its unparalleled strength, durability, and versatility.

While leather collars are not necessarily needed for smaller, less active dogs, they are a godsend for owners of bigger, athletic dogs, allowing them to lead their big pups on a leash in complete comfort and security.

Faux Leather

If you’re looking for a more accessible and vegan-friendly alternative to real leather, you’ll be able to find countless faux leather collars made of breathable PU or PVC.

Nylon and Nylon blends

Nylon is an incredibly lightweight material, making it the most popular material for dog collars. Nylon and nylon blend collars are easier to clean and take care of than high-quality leather, they’re durable, comfortable, and fast-drying.

Coming in a range of styles and creative prints, nylon collars are the perfect choice for fashion-forward pups looking to make a statement.

Luxury Dog Collars

Luxury dog collars are usually handmade and made from the finest materials, including Italian leather, tweed, and brushed cotton on the inside to boost your pup’s comfort. They also might include a companion set of fine harnesses and leashes for dogs.

What sets these collars apart is the incredible quality of the materials used and the fashionable styles and patterns featured, not unlike the luxury accessories we love wearing ourselves!

Tags for Dog Collars: Is it necessary?

As dog collars have as their primary function to keep your pup safe and protected, tags for dog collars are considered necessary to identify your dog in case of emergency.

Tags can be used to display all sorts of helpful identification information, including your dog’s name, vaccination records, contact phone numbers, and the owner’s address. 

Customized Dog Collars

Standard styles and materials aside, the custom dog collar trend is quickly becoming one of the hottest new crazes in doggie fashion. These designs allow owners to fully customize their pup’s collar with unique charms created exclusively to fit their personality and sense of style.

Our custom dog collars come in a wide variety of dazzling colors and they are made to fit up to seven different charms. It’s easily removable which makes dressing up for the right occasion just as easy for your pup as it is for you!

How to Clean Dog Collars

Dog collars and accessories definitely require special attention when it’s time to get them cleaned. They are often made out of different materials that can easily be damaged, irreparably, with a quick wash in the washing machine.

  • You should always check the label to ensure your pup’s collar is indeed machine washable, and only go ahead with a delicate wash if indicated by the manufacturer. 
  • You should make sure your pup’s accessories and collars are always kept clean in between the afternoons spent rolling around in the dirt and playing in the park. This means that thorough and delicate hand washing is usually the best way to go
  • If you’re looking for something even more delicate for your pup’s skin than soap to get rid of grass, food, and mud stains, you’ll want to use a gentle anti-allergenic dog shampoo or even a heavy-duty stain remover.
  • You can either use a soft, damp cloth to work around the inside and outside of your dog’s collar or use a soft-bristled brush to remove the tougher stains. Whatever shampoo, detergent, or soap you decide to use, make sure it’s perfume-free, free of dyes, and suitable for delicate skin remember that your pup will be wearing that collar every day, so you should do your very best to avoid irritation.
  • If your collar has been cleaned spotless but you can still detect strong, unpleasant odors from the inside, your best bet will be soaking it overnight in a DIY solution of two quarts of cold water and one cup of baking soda. Wash the collar again the following day and it will smell amazing!
  • Last, but definitely not least, remember to dry your pup’s collar and accessories in the most delicate way possible: air drying.

Collars and other neckwear accessories could shrink in a machine dryer, sometimes almost imperceptible to the naked eye, and cause your dog discomfort as a result. Shrinkage will ruin all your best efforts at sizing your pooch and looking for the most comfortable collar on the market. It’s important that you make sure your accessories come out just as they went in!

What are the Best Dog Collars?

Polyester Webbing Dog Collar With Personalized Buckle Spring Plaid Denim

Your dog will love this stylish yet classic collar like you love your favorite t-shirt. Tough polyester webbing is rot and moisture-resistant, making it strong but sensitive, just like your furbaby. No need to put up with the annoying jingle or worry about losing tags any longer. Customizable side-release buckles are laser engraved with your contact information. Made in the U.S.A. and machine washable for your convenience. Check the latest prices and order here

Polyester Webbing Dog Collar With Personalized Buckle Blue Boho Mandala

This psychedelic dog collar is great for the artist or musician, festival goer, or all-around fun-lover. Built for life on the run, these collars are constructed from UV, rot, mildew, and moisture-resistant polyester webbing. No need to worry about those beautiful bright colors fading. State-of-the-art dyeing processes permanently fuse the vibrant pattern with the fabric on both sides of the collar. This dog collar is light as a feather, durable, and smooth as silk to ensure ultimate comfort for your pup. Check the latest prices and order here.

Ava Double Row Close Crystal Dog Collar

This is no collar for the common hound. Made from genuine leather and your choice of shades of the finest Swarovski crystals, this collar gleams like a Versailles chandelier. No need to worry about durability, however. Each crystal is individually riveted in place. Purchase the matching leash for the complete look. Check the latest prices and order here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Collars

Should Dogs Wear Collars 24/7?

Letting your pup keep their beloved collar overnight is generally not recommended.

This can lead to some common (yet easily avoidable) problems, including skin rashes, matted fur, and even choking risks.

What makes a Good Dog Collar?

When looking for your pup’s next collar, you’ll want to ensure it is neither too loose nor too tight, that it is made of a durable material able to last throughout rigorous exercise, and that it is fitted with an ID tag attachment to keep your dog protected.

Do dogs like collars?

Contrary to popular belief, dogs really don’t mind wearing a collar for most of the day, as long as they are comfortable and appropriate for their size. If your dog collar of choice allows you to comfortably slip two fingers between your pup’s neck and the inside of the collar (and if it isn’t too heavy for their size and activity level), your pup will like their brand-new collar just fine!

Is it safe for dogs to wear collars?

As long as you’re buying collars that are specifically made for dogs and for your dog’s size, wearing a collar for most of the day is 100% safe for your pup. Just make sure to take it off at the end of the day to avoid possible irritation and breathing problems!

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