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Pet Rover Prime 3-In-1 Dog Stroller Ruby

$253.00 USD

This dog stroller is user-friendly, has a spacious interior and solid construction. The roomy, expandable internal compartment has two safety belts! Great for small dogs, older or injured animals. The plush interior keeps your pet comfortable while seeing the sights as if they were walking right beside you.

This innovative pet stroller features a quick-release, detachable dog carrier and also serves as a car seat. The lightweight frame offers rigid construction using anodized aluminum alloys in a luxurious gold color that is rust free and water-resistant. The pump-free, foam-filled rubber wheels and easy-access front/rear brakes, along with the anti-vibration suspension ensures that your pet will have a comfortable ride.

The breathable top canvas is weather-resistant and UV-reflective. The carrier interior is scratch-resistant and the fabric repels dirt and water. The padding for the compartment is machine-washable. The reversible and height-adjustable handlebar offers you super ergonomics. The stroller frame can quickly fold and unfold and takes up minimal space. The dog carrier can be detached and stored separately.

Stroller + Carrier: 37" L x 37" H x 17" W
Carrier: 25" L x 21" H x 15" W
Folded Stroller: 13" L x 37" H x 22" W
Compartment Floor: 23" L x 15" W
Max Capacity: 50 lbs.

Due to strict health regulations, this item cannot be restocked and resold. Returns/Exchanges are not accepted.

Shipping Restriction: This item can only be shipped to the United States or Canada.

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