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Recovery Burrow Dog Bed Pink

$198.00 USD

Problem: Your dog loves to hide and stay warm and keeps stealing your blanket.

Solution: This Recover Burrow dog bed supports restful sleep and offers a warm hiding place for your dog. The main fabric, wool mix, provides warmth and feels super comfortable. The lining inside the cave bed is made of special Far infrared (FIR) emitting fabric that captures your pet's body heat and re-emits FIR energy back. This boosts the natural recovery process after an active day and helps to improve sleep. Memory foam filling molds to the pet's body shape and relieves pressure points. The bed's modern look fits beautifully into any home. The matching dog blanket is also available.

- Wool mix for warmth.
- FIR lining to boost recovery.
- Memory foam filling supports quality sleep.
- To fight against waste, the filling is made from the excess cuttings of other beds.
- Non-slip sole.
- Removable, machine washable covers for easy maintenance.

Sizes: 24", 36"

Due to strict health regulations, this item cannot be restocked and resold. Returns/Exchanges are not accepted. 

Shipping Restriction: This item can only be shipped to the United States or Canada.