Holiday Canine Confections: My Top 20 Picks for Luxury Dog Gifts

"Sleigh bells ring...are ya listenin'? In the lane, snow is glistening..." You know the rest. I've been singing that song for days now and that tells me I'm already into the holiday spirit. I love this time of year! I love the lights, the festivities, the glow that seems to hover over everything. Are you getting into the spirit too? I hope so because we're going to make it very easy to find a festive, fun and beautiful holiday canine confections for your special one or ones. There's a winter wonderland of Christmas goodies to discover together so let's get started! Here are my Top 20 picks. I have to begin with fancy clothes because they are so much fun! And, I've found some beautiful ones. Let's look at dresses. For holiday, maybe we'll spend a bit more on our fur babies, as these are truly special and different from what you'll see in the stores. It was hard choosing which ones to feature!

Holiday-Themed Clothing

Exclusive Line Bella Red Brocade Marabou Dog Dress

I love this dress. It's elegant and a little naughty but in the classiest of ways! Handmade of Asian Brocade and a marabou boa opulent trim, the bodice is cotton lined and the dress is embellished with genuine Swarovski crystals and ostrich feathers. This lovely "package" is all tied up with a gorgeous black satin ribbon at the waist. What can I say but, "Ooolala!" Heads will definitely turn.

Black Ice Bow Dog Harness Dress

I love this dress. To me, it's a dog's evening dress. I can't even call it the Little Black Dress, because it's fancier than that. And it's a harness and dress in one. Made of crackled wet look velvet and embellished with lots of rhinestones and a silver beaded bow, this is a major statement dress. Stunning on a black or white dog especially. There are rhinestone-encrusted adjustment slide buckles and a rhinestone D ring, conveniently placed at the bottom edge of the harness, just under the bow so it works well for a car seat, too, in case you're transporting your little one to a fabulous holiday party! And, the harnesses are constructed so there is a hammock-like effect on the underside of the dog so there's no pressure placed on the dog's neck or throat. Just stunning!  

Kringle Satin Dog Harness Dress

This very stylish and sexy harness/dress is made from deep red satin jacquard with red satin lining. The harness is backed with a strong nylon webbing underneath so it's very durable. The black shimmer trim belt with a black gem buckle finishes this smart look. Very fashionable. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, there are rhinestone encrusted adjustment slide buckles, snaps, and a D ring to attach your leash. The harness is designed to put no pressure on your dog's neck and throat. Adjustable at the neck and waist.


Graphic Striped Dog Gown by Chien Coature

This is a New Year's Eve dress if ever there was one! A stunning silvery gray and black custom made silk satin organza gown, cut on the bias, trimmed in Alencon lace and embellished with Made With Swarovski Elements crystals. The crystals also embellish the statement bow. The bottom two tiers of the dress are removable so your dog can move freely, and there's a loop to facilitate attaching a leash. A one-of-a-kind couture piece. Wow.

Debutante Green Tutu Dog Dress

I love this kelly green and silvery grey dress. Shimmery paillettes sewn onto the green bodice give a holiday glow to the piece. And a pale grey tulle tutu with a grey velvet belt, embellished with a rhinestone buckle, makes this a great holiday look. D ring attachment at the back and button closure at the neck. Hand wash and lay flat to dry.

Sweaters, Harnesses
If you are going to be at home in a more relaxed atmosphere and you're not planning on dressing up, here are some great options to bring some Christmas spirit and cheer into your dog's wardrobe during the holidays.

Candy Cane Scarf Dog Sweater

Your pup will be cozy AND Christmas-ready in this adorable red, white and green acrylic, machine washable candy cane scarf sweater. A great look.

Christmas Elf Dog Sweater

This handmade wool sweater from Chilly Dog follows the Fair Trade guidelines and no two are exactly alike. Love the pom pom collar and the overall cheerful look.

Beary Merry Christmas Dog Sweater

This is a gorgeous and very cozy sweater made from ultra-soft shabby yarn. Cranberries and blues in color, with a wonderful custom knit teddy bear toy soldier appliqué on the back. You can see how much meticulous work went into the making of this garment. Each teddy toy soldier has gold bead embellishments with a black sequined belt. The scene sits on cream and glittery gold-colored soft yarn background with iridescent hand-sewn sequins at the garment's edge. And almost the best part is that each sweater comes with a surprise for your dog: a matching plush teddy bear toy soldier dog toy, with a squeaker inside!

Rockin' Around Christmas Dog Sweater

Another beautiful sweater made of super soft shabby yarn in cream, speckled with gold lurex. This is a sweater to rock at parties, for sure! With bright colored hand-crocheted Christmas ornament appliqués, hand-beaded in sequins, crystals, and pearls, with satin bows to finish the look, this designer sweater is a head-turner!

Christmas-Themed Accessories

The Couture by Sophie Haute Dog Collar

I love this accessory. And in the spirit of full disclosure, I also designed it. This red cotton velvet men's shirt collar accessory is one of our Couture by Sophie designs for dogs (or cats). It's lined in red satin and has a Swarovski crystal closure. It says luxe all the way and is a favorite of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Lisa Vanderpump for her Pom Giggy. The velvet Haute Collar also comes in a leopard and blue velvet.  

Bling Star Christmas Dog Bow Tie

This is such a gorgeous bow tie. Just the right amount of sparkle for the holidays with an important-looking crystal stone in the middle. It comes in Christmas red or green (as shown) and in two sizes.

Stars Smoocher Dog Collar

I love this collar embellishment! You don't need anything else to create a festive "outfit" for your dog except this. Made with a stretchy red and green fabric with little metallic red and green stars at the ends, this collar is, indeed, a statement piece.

Christmas Velvet Dog Collar

These sweet collars come in Christmas red or green and are made with a nice cotton velvet embellished with alternating pearls and Austrian crystals. They are 3/8" wide so great for smaller dogs. Note that the collar sizes are measured from end to end, so you'll want to add 2" to your dog's neck measurement to choose which size fits best. If you want the best, check out one of these dog collars as well!

Christmas Tree Dog Bow Tie

Great for a dog of any size or color as this comes in black or white, these Christmas tree bow ties are a great way to have your dog looked festive without all of the clothing. We know some of our dogs just don't like to wear clothes and we don't want them to suffer for us. These are easy and fun, so you can tailor your choice to suit your dog's personality. 

Browse our collection of gorgeous dog bow ties!

Christmas-Themed Toys and Treats
Xmas Wrapping Gift Box Dog Toy

This toy is great fun for your dog as they can rip it apart. Let me explain. :-) The wrapped box is really made up of four separate rectangular pieces that come apart to make four toys. You can put them together for your dog to rip apart over and over again. How many times is your pup encouraged to tear something up? Two of the pieces are embroidered in Christmas green, one with "naughty" and one with "nice." Cute!

Dog Magic Plastic Interactive Game Dog Toy

This may not be a holiday-themed toy, however, it's a great interactive toy to buy for your dog for the holiday (and the color scheme will fit right in!). We have a couple of Nina Ottoson's interactive games for dogs and Sophie just loves them. They come in various levels of difficulty; this is a Level 1, so those whose dogs are new to this type of game would find this a great place to start. The premise is you place treats under one or more of the plastic bones and your dog has to locate and then access the treats. It requires your pup to think about how to overturn the bone to get to the treat jar. And, because it's interactive, it's a great way to play with your dog and strengthen your bond. I think her toys bring value to the playing experience with your dog. 
This plush, cute white dog bone with black paw prints and a sprig of holly has a squeaker for hours of fun play. Also, pick a dog toy box to store it in!
Holiday Reindeer Dog Toy
Your pup, big or small, will have fun this holiday playing with these plush but tough reindeer toys. Called the Ruff-N-Tuff and Tiny Tuff Reindeer Dog Toys, both sizes will withstand the most ardent ruff housing.
Italian Christmas Cookies Boxed Dog Treats

These paw and bone print treats for your dog are made with organic and natural ingredients and are wheat, corn, and soy-free. They are hand made in New Jersey from locally sourced, human-grade ingredients from the U.S. Nothing but the good stuff. 12 treats to a box. These are small, so ideal for small dogs. However, other larger treats in bulk are available as well.

Christmas Double-Dippin' Dog Treats in Bulk

Preservative-free dog treats that look yummy! Made with organic and natural ingredients and free of wheat, corn, and soy. I love that they're handmade in small batches in NJ using locally sourced human grade ingredients from the U.S. All meats & eggs are free-range, grain and/or grass-fed, hormone, antibiotic and nitrite free. Free of chemicals, sugar, salt, artificial flavors, colors, and fillers. Just key ingredients for great tasting treats. Something you can feel good about giving your dog.

Whew! We've covered a lot of ground! There are so many fashionable and wonderful items available, it was difficult to choose which to include. But hurry! The holidays are here and Christmas is just around the corner. Make sure you browse our dog id tags as well! Thanks for reading and have a wonderful and safe holiday!

Guest Blog:
Jody Miller-Young
Dog Fashion Expert and Blogger
Bark and Swagger

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