How To Prepare For Your New Arrival - Bringing Home a New Puppy
Bringing a new furry companion into your family is a big decision. If it is a young puppy, there are lots of things to consider. Some questions to ask yourself are "Where will the puppy stay during the workweek?", and "Where will the puppy sleep at night?". You need to be able to provide a safe, secure environment for whomever you choose to bring home. Will you crate train or should you purchase a pen to keep them out of harm's way while out of your sight.

One of the first things to consider, once your little one is old enough to venture out, will be a dog collar and leash. Smaller dogs would appreciate a dog harness instead of a collar. These will be necessary for your dog while out in public, on walks, in the car or carrier. On walks, he will be trained to stay close to you. In the car or dog carrier, his collar can be attached to the safety belt.

Something to consider for your new puppy's arrival is a comfy place to sleep. A dog bed to call their own can be comforting and a safe haven for any new pup. If you are planning on allowing your dog to sleep with you, pet stairs will be in order so as not to cause injury jumping in and out of bed. A dog blanket would be a nice addition so that, even in your bed, they have their own space.

If the weather outside is frightful, consider a dog coat, sweater or sweatshirt for your little one. Training your dog to appreciate being dressed is best done at an early age.

There is any number of things available to dog owners, from necessities like collars and leashes to extravagant, like diamond necklaces or dog houses to match your home. The sky's the limit with most anything you could want for your new companion but always remember, of all their requirements, the most important is love.

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